Latisse is the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for growing your own lashes fuller, longer, darker, and stronger. Off-label use for eyebrow regrowth is possible.

How do I use it?
It is absolutely amazing and simple to use. Before bed each night, simply apply the liquid to your lash line (similar to eyeliner application).

How long will it take to make my lashes grow?
Although results may vary, you will typically start noticing eyelash growth in 4 short weeks. At 12 weeks, you may have to trim your eyelashes because they are so long!

Pricing: Our price for Latisse is constantly fluctuating due to our competitive pricing and discounts when one purchases multiple bottles. Call or visit Beautiful You Medical Spa for the most up-to-date price. Specials are frequently featured on our Specials page. Come by today for a complimentary consultation. If you are a candidate, we will prescribe and dispense the medication on site.